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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Emotional Day

When Dianna Nyad got out of the ocean after her successful swim  from Cuba to Key West,  on her 5th attempt, she said the following: "  I have three messages. One is we should never, ever  give  up.  Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams.  Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team." I look at this message every day.  It is taped to my computer monitor screen,

And so it was that I took a half a day off so I could ride my bike outdoors.  But I was so sore  from yesterday's work out that I dared not press my luck.  I determined to ride indoors with Troy Jacobson.  Many of you know he is my virtual boyfriend.......

......but  you would never know it  by my yelling at him this morning as I did his Warrior Training DVD.  More and more long tough intervals pushing the hard gears for 20 minutes at a time.   URGH!  I usually  have the sound of  hip hop or dance music in my ears...and all of a sudden he said motioned, UP, UP" ( I heard this in another way yesterday...thus my poor sore body) and before I knew it, I was standing up cycling!  This happened over the course of several difficult intervals toward the end of the work out.  And I was able to stand and cycle!  My ankle could take it...I was strong enough!  It wasn't pretty...but it was successful...., my mind started to review my last few years journey....and I started sobbing and sobbing...

All the hard work is paying off.  My body is remembering what to do.  It just remembers.

And it has taken a team.

And today, with your help , I was a warrior...

Thank you Char, Brian, Stephanie and the wonderful physical therapists at Pres in Rio Rancho!  I am very grateful for all your help and support!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Tortoise and the Hare

Yesterday when I turned the TV on, every channel had football.  So, I turned to PBS thinking I would get an alternative...and I happened upon a children's program that was teaching children about winning and loosing. I'm sure you know the story of the tortoise and the Hare.  One was fast and the other .... VERY slow.  It is logical to think that the Hare won...but  it did not.  The tortoise won.  We know the saying "Slow and steady wins the race."  Words like patience, perseverance and endurance come to mind.

As I rebuild from a long illness and weight gain, I am reminded of the above.  That  constant improvement takes time, tenaciousness and a stubborn willingness to keep at it day by day accepting incremental  results.

I think as a culture we are used to instant results.  We want a pill or a potion or a miracle to improve whatever ails us.  But most often none of these happen.  It takes grit and suffering endurance to make matter the goal.

Back in early September, I started working out again with Brian Boulware at Titanium Fitness.Since then we have been working hard together and I am getting some nice results.  It is the blood sweat and tears that always proves results and it is hard , but very good.

Recovery from anything takes time...and I remind myself that patience is a must.  And as the turtle, I walk.  I love this phrase:

"You will get to your destination.  But right now , the walk is everything.  Every step is reminding you how to live.  Every breath is a little guru."


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wanna Get High? On Juice?

Vegetable Juicing that is!  A friend sent me for a green juice and the next thing I new, I was gifted with a juicer.  Next thing I knew I was watching this film...tearing up as I went...and the next thing I knew I was at the store buying Kale.  Go Figure!  My dad has been trying to get me to eat kale for over a  year now.  I am sure my dad is happy now!

This is a long movie so you may want to make the time to watch it when you can relax and are not in a rush(90 minutes).      Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Monday, January 27, 2014

Celiac Support Group and Fat Cyclist Throw Down

The Fat Cyclist started a recent blog post saying he got fat again!  Well so have I!    He has given himself a grace period until march 1st to loose as much weight as he can and then he will announce how much he weighs!

 Well, I am not going to do that, but I am working hard to begin to loose the weight I have put on as a result of the debilitating effects of celiac disease and how it has effected my mobility....thus not really able to exercise much due to all the edema, swelling and pain...and honestly laziness mixed in...and the poor" me"s!  (In ASl there is a wonderful sign for poor me!)   

I went to my first Celiac Support Group on Saturday and was initially almost on the verge of tears on the way there. But, once there I get a lot of wonderful support! On the way there though, I wondered why  they have to have a pot luck when I cannot eat anything they would have?  I was pretty angry...and again "poor me."  But once there, I was told the reason is to show you that you can eat lots of delicious and nutritious foods that are free of gluten. I am on a high learning curse...and when a woman told me that my lipstick and toothpaste might have gluten in it...I think my sucking of teeth, eye roll and spitting of nails almost hit the ceiling!

Anyway,i am getting on my bike in a moment and will cycle away my angst over my regression and work to turn it into something positive!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Celiac Disease

Cece has been diagnosed with Celiac disease which is an auto immune disease.  "Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease that damages the villi of the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. What does this mean? Essentially the body is attacking itself every time a person with celiac consumes gluten. "
 It has been tough going for her and she has had to strictly limit the types of food she eats.  At this point, even gluten free foods (ie baked  goods like bread) throw her system into an uproar!
 So, she is currently eating a plant based diet with a tiny bit of chicken here and there . If she does this, life is good.

If you want more information about Celiac disease, click on the link above.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Ellie the Shark Guest Post!

The Santa Fe Snowshoe Un-race.

Some of my closest acquaintances say that I am competitive(Cece sing....,oh yes they do!). They have mentioned that I seem to enjoy playing the role of the shark. I lay in wait, lingering behind and then swim in for the kill. I feel that is a bit overstated, but that is what I have heard.(Cece adds," That is what we experience!")

This morning as I stood at the starting line with my dear friend Andrea, I experienced the usual pre-race anxiety. I saw participants in serious snowshoeing gear with long, lean bodies and my ego began to quake. Some participants I knew from the sport of triathlon and even though I am a bit competitive, I know my place and respect the ladies that are at the top of the sport in NM. They are courteous and supportive each and every time I come across them in a race and they were present for this event. 

But for this race - for the first time - I was not concerned about whom I was going to overtake. I was not focused on my pace. I did not have my Garmin or take notice of the time it took for me to tromp through the pristine woods for 3.8 miles. I ran when I wanted and walked when I felt like it. I stopped and mapped in the New Year’s beginnings and left last year’s trials and heartbreak in the melting ice. I felt enormous gratitude for my friends and family who did not abandon me and finally let ties of the past free. I sang aloud when the mood hit me and did not allow a negative thought to enter my heart.

I did not place in my age group but I came away with so much more. I am happy.
Ellie the Shark

Embrace the Change!